domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2008


Sr Cano Jiménez LTDA
I am writing to you to request the position of manager of human resources, which was published last week in the classifieds of the el tiempo news.
I am a graduate of the sabana University in 2004 with a degree in human resources at the same university, by 2005 trip to Valencia Spain and I specialize in project management at the University of Valencia, since working in the asociación de egresados del norte in the area of human resources, on the other hand I did a course by 6 months of intensive English at ELS california, and I know some french.
I am a sociable person and to which you enjoy working in groups and under pressure, I have worked steadily in various fields and have created very good references which have formed my CV. I have taken the audacity to send my CV and would be very pleased to attend an interview at the time to consider.
Thank you very much for the attention given
Cordially Sergio Correa Cardona.


Dear sabana University.

I am writing to you to apply for the scholarship semester at the Sabana University in the program in business administration, I would write this letter because I have corresponded with the requirements that I require.

I graduated as the best student in my school and get the best score in the ICFES exam, because I am going to his beloved college next semester and I would like to be taken into account for its scholarship scheme. Besides that I am working in a restaurant to collect savings to pay me my career in college, I have been working there for 5 months and I am doing very well, I hope I can continue my studies while working.

I ask a favor that I have in mind for the program and thus be able to fulfill my dream of graduating from his beloved university.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Yours sincerely, Sergio Correa Cardona

miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2008


Polar bears are one of the greatest survivors of nature, as they are able to live and thrive in one of the world's most hostile environments.

Polar bears, one of the largest carnivores on Earth, could be added to the list of endangered species under the Endangered Species Act of extinction in the U.S. As they roam the Arctic sea ice, polar bears look for the cracks that are on the ice, to try to find ringed seals in the water, because these are their favorite food. Almost all the food of polar bears comes from the sea and includes, seals, fish, whales and up. The floating sea ice is a perfect way for the bears can get food. Unfortunately, every year more decreases the amount of ice floating in the Arctic region. The ice is melting as the Earth is warming. In the next two decades, it is possible that during the summer are no longer any sea ice in the Arctic Ocean. The pieces of sea ice are becoming smaller and are more distant. The bears must swim longer distances across the Arctic Ocean, 60 miles or more, to go from a piece of ice to another. Polar bears are adaptations that help them spend part of their time in water. His body is aerodynamic for the swim and has a thick layer of fat that keeps them warm. They also have small cloth between the fingers of his legs which help them swim. Polar bears are classified as marine mammals live, even if not all the time in the water such as whales, dolphins, manatees and other marine mammals.

Polar bears are moving towards the north coast of Alaska because the sea ice is melting and no longer connects to the coast. With lesser amount of sea ice, polar bears can not hunt as often as before, so he has to cope with smaller quantities of food. It has been reported that, occasionally, polar bears eat animals such as seal, we have to protect them and look for a solution that solves this problem because they are a very important part of the ecosystem.

miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2008

My Best Vacations

It was in San Francisco USA the last summer, I went there to study English but I couldn´t because It was very late for the inscriptions, while I started to look for a job but I did´nt find anything, however I decided to start a trip with my cousin arround California, just near to San Francisco because California is to big and we didn´t have enough time for that trip, however we went to las Vegas and Los Angeles, It was very exited, I knew a lot of places and we met some girls there, It was my first in a Casino and it was a great experience because the casino was to big and very majestic, then we went back to San Francisco because my cousin lives there and he had to work and study, there I was very lonely because my cousin was all day at work and at university, meanwhile I knew the tourist sites of the city and its commercial areas.

I would like to do that trip again because it was very exited and I will can meet a lot of people and will can know a lot of places.

My Ideal Job.

when I was a child I always played with cars, I remember that I liked the races and then when I growth up, I remember that I was saying "I would like to be a racer car" and It´s comes thrue, but then I discovered that I did´nt have enough time to do that, also it is an expensive thing because all the practices need a lot of equipement and that equipement is very expensive, this is an other reason to quit the sport and get to thinking about my future and for that I realized that I like the business administration and that I had to get in the University and study something for my future.

while that, when I will finish my major, I´ll can race the cars in my free times as a hobby and take the administration seriously maybe I will create my own company, and maybe it will be about cars or something like that.

Sergio´s Profile

Im Sergio Cardona Correa, Im 21 years old, Im from Medellin Colombia and I was born in 1986.I m living in Bogota since 1995 when I was 9 years old, I have 5 brothers, 3 brothers and 2 sisters.

In this moment I m living only with my mother because all of my brothers lives with their housewifes and hosbands.

I like to play soccer with my friends in my free time, also I like to drive racing cars with my brothers on the weekends, but is an expensive hooby and sometimes I like to go to the cinema with my girlfriend, but qhen she cant, i prfer to hang out with my frends.
At this moment Im studing Buisness Administration at the Sabana University in Bogota, Im in 4nd semester and I decide to study this carrear because I want to create my own company and I would like to work in the stock exchange.

However I would like to study a postgrade in "administracion Agropecuaria" because I want to have my own farm in the future. I like to travel a lot, and for that I would like to travel around the world and know a lot of cultures.In the future I want to have a family, a housewife and two kids, maybe when I will 30 years old.